5 Best Business Ideas You Can Start With No Money

A lot of people think that you can only start a business if you have a big capital to start with. This is absolutely not true! Does this confuse you?

Well, opening a business doesn’t entail money all the time, in some cases, all you need is the skill that you can monetize into a viable business. With this, you can use yourself by offering your value and skill to others.

When you start a business without money, you are actually trading your time to money. You have to set-up processes to earn money eventually.

Some ideas we’re sharing only need computer. Let’s start.

Print and Demand- No start-up capital is needed for this company. All you need is your skill to create simple website or you can use the free sites. All you have to do is to have people order from your site, and she shirt producer ship it to your clients. You can use company like Shopify to do this. This is one of the best places to start. The only thing here is the copyrighted design for the prints. So, make sure you review this. Another challenge for this model is the marketing. The extremely effective marketing strategy for this is social media. You can have tiktok or Instagram influencers to market your product. This is an easy and simple way to start.

Niche Content Blog – Start a blog that is centered to specific category. There can be various niches that you can start with like Macbook Accessories, personal finance for mid 30s, travel fashion, and anything you can narrow down. How does this kind of writing turn into an earning? The way this works is that when you get some traffic/readers to read your blogs, you can get a google adsense or affiliates to monetize the pages you have. The secret to this is to rank well in in google through Search Engine Optimization. The most important thing here is to have value in your articles, so you can educate, solve problems, or entertain readers. You can start with free websites like Wix or WordPress. The key here is to make a lot of valuable articles. Affiliate income is something that is no-joke if you get people to read your work then click on your affiliate links and have them purchase the products you’re affiliated with. Just with the blogs, some people get 6-7 figures.

Door to Door Sales– Knocking on someone’s door to offer solar energy or pest control is one of the ways you can do this type of business. This can be a tough job, but this can make a huge income. Introvert people think that this is not for them, but you’ll be surprised on what you are able to do. But, how do can you scale this kind of business? Well, in the beginning will struggle, but eventually when you get better and better in sales, you can be a manager. This means, you get more commissions.

Personal Brand- Personal branding doesn’t give you money directly, but this will give you an opportunity to be trusted on the chosen field you choose. Personal branding needs social media build-up. You have to build a good reputation by showing value you an bring others and inspire others through FB, IG, twitter, or Tiktok and whatever popular platform in your country. Your personal brand can be monetized by having people use their product and purchase their service then you post that in your social media. You earn money from the products that asked you to post it in your platform or by affiliate links or promo codes.

Virtual Assistant– Being a VA in Fiverr or Upwork is a good place to start. Knowing the ins and outs of the business help you to become well-rounded by seeing the back office of the business. You see more opportunities in every aspect of business because you see how the person you work for does it. Creating an agency where you train people with basic to advance skills as VA is where you can get more money. You get a cut or portion of their earning.

The mentioned opportunities above are just few from tons on our list. For further information on these business ideas, follow our next articles.