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Featured Belly-to-Belly Business That Used Online to Market

One of the businesses that we’ve seen moving their marketing from B2B to online is the story behind on becoming a hardwood flooring experts from Construct-Ed. Hope this helps you.

“Hi guys my name is Matt Bodi, I’m a hardwood flooring professional in Metro Detroit (But this also content helps some of our people in Rockford, IL), I have been a part of a family-owned hardwood flooring company for about 15 years now. Learn this trade through family members and as a grown-up, I fell in love with this.

I love my craft I love my trade and I want to share that with you guys. Like I said, I’ve been doing it for 15 years, but not all those 15 years I’ve really wanted to do it. At first it was a job, but then it became passion and now it’s my craft, so I’m constantly evolving and learning new techniques. Probably the best part about my job is is my customers watching their faces when they walk in and see a brand new floor. That old dingy nasty hardwood flooring that they used to have is transformed into a work of art. That is my passion, that’s why I keep doing what I’m doing.

When it comes to grain, maybe that’s it, I love the grain of wood. I love being a green top when you start sanding it. When you’re starting to get that fine sand and you see all quarters on pieces, I just love, I love that green and love that coming out. And just thinking about it can’t get enough.

I you follow me on Instagram (wood_talk), you know you can see it there’s a lot of guys in the industry we just going crazy day-to-day stuff. Day-to-day stuff is you know fun, making sure that we have the right products off on site, we have the paper supplies in general making sure the guys are up. And running know the equipment sailing, making sure that equipment is maintained working properly, and we’re getting the job done in a timely and clean fashion. I’m checking on Java, Java typically drive from job-to-job site. What we mostly do maybe two, three jobs a week or so, so there is some driving involved with our trade. As any trades we go into people’s houses. Best part about my job is definitely those customers with happy faces, the hardest part about my job is it is probably finding good help, and that’s why we’re doing this because we need you, we need people, younger people to want to get into trade.

So we want to keep you guys excited about getting into trades especially hardwood flooring . Your willingness to learn is the biggest public skill that you can have you can give up your line. Thus, learn this craft and have it be part of your life . So, I’m glad that I could share this with you I’m on it. Honestly, I want to see more younger people in the trades and I want to be able to share this trade with younger people as we all need you in hardwood flooring.”

This is a Youtube video where he tried to share what a hardwood professional day looks like. Observe how he shares his experience to be able to gain more youths to join this trade. Learning how to maximize the social media as a platform can help your business by not just marketing to the people you personally know. Through online marketing, you’ll be able to expand your reach when the right target audience.

For most of the hardwood flooring companies that we helped transition their business and have online presence, they have gained more trust and they have developed their business by building more systems and seeing to it that they are ready to accept more clients. They also make sure that they provide the best service in town like some of our friends in Rockford, IL, Naperville, Aurora, Chicago. We’ve supported them and provided structure with their hardwood flooring business.